Below are a selection of my latest works! Feel free to browse and enjoy!


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This EP combines melodies creating emotional music, some full sound and a bit of my own violin. Some chillout expressiveness.

One World

"One World" is a collection of old and new tracks which I have carefully chosen to create the album.

The ideas for the tracks vary, but have a single purpose of unity and a world without barriers. There is a sense of never ending that this world and the space around it share. I believe in an infinite , like life's cycle.


A collection of my newest tracks. Mostly deeper than my old stuff, with the exception of Lonely Cloud City which has a more light feel to it. It also includes a VIP mix of my track Magic Lantern, which features on my last EP Journey.


This is a collection of tracks, which over the passing months I have been inspired to make. The title of the album reflects this.

I have tried to use as many varied sounds as possible, to give it an all round feel. I hope you feel the journey within it!