Behind the Bird

FRESHTIMES caught up with Sizzlebird and asked him a few fan's questions whilst he was in the final stages of finishing his EP: ‘Lady of the Lake’.

Q: Firstly, as much as I’d hope Sizzlebird was your real name. For the sake of this interview, what is your real name?
A: My real name is Ot Moruno-Bird


Q: Where did the name Sizzlebird come from?
A: SizzleBird is a name which comes from “Bird” being my surname, and sizzle is the name given to “a cymbal to which rivets, chains or other rattles have been added to modify the sound”


Q: Where are you this very moment in time?
A: At this moment in time I am enjoying a coffee at my favorite coffee shop Nero!


Q: Could you tell us a little about your upbringing; where you were brought up etc.?
A: I was born in Barcelona, and when I was 5, I moved to the Pyrenees in northern Spain to a small village called Santa Pau and live there up till the age of 13. I then moved to England and studied music in North London. I still go back to Spain as I have friends and family there.


Q: At what point would you say you ‘found’ your passion for music? And what tracks were being played in your house or with family and friends?
A: I was taught classical music from a young age, so I have always been passionate about music. I listen to a lot of music, but my friends have always influenced me with house music, garage among others.


Q: McDonalds or Burger King?
A: I think for the value for money and my taste, McDonalds.


Q: What was your first gig/concert you went to?
A: I have gone to many classical concerts and played in quite a number, I have also enjoyed jazz concerts. I love festivals too, the person I have enjoyed most playing live is Katy B.


Q: Where about in your life are you right now; university? Work?
A: At the moment I work part time as a violin teacher, but I am going back to university this September!


Q: You play the violin, that’s pretty cool! Would you say that playing a classical instrument gave you a more diverse taste in music?
A: I think it gives you different ideas, and it’s great to be able to record myself to add to my music. I think it gives a different perspective!


Q: What football team do you support?
A: I support Barcelona, due to the fact that I was born there, and my dad supports them. But I also love Arsenal!


Q: What piece of music do you love playing on the Violin?
A: I enjoy playing all kinds of music on the violin, but my favorite has to be any of the Bach Partitas to relax and calm myself.


Q: What was it that pulled you too making electronic music?
A: My interest in using different sounds! Finding new sounds is fascinating to me, and electronic music gives you a great deal of sounds to play with!


Q: Sum up your music in 3 words!
A: Atmospheric, heart-felt and relaxing


Q: Your ‘Brother Soul – EP’ is out on iTunes, good job! Would you say your music style has changed at all over the past 4 months since its release?
A: I think I am always changing, but my style has not changed very much. I think I like playing around with genres, so that might be something to look out for in future.


Q: Budweiser or Peroni?
A: Tough question, but I think I will stick with Peroni – you can’t really go wrong there.


Q: Quite a few of your tracks are vocal mixes, would you say you prefer working with a male or female vocalist?
A: There’s no doubt that I make more mixes with female vocals, but it can depend. I just haven’t got round to male vocals yet.


Q: What are your top 5 tracks on your iPod?
A: My top 5! Hmm. It’s a variety of genres. High Contrast – “Racing Green” , Rasmus Faber – “Ever After”, Sia – “My Love” (I love the original, made me want to remix it!), Adventure Club – “Do I See Color” and finally Florence and the Machine – “Cosmic Love” (Seven Lions Remix).


Q: Your ‘Rameses B – Memoirs’ remix has had an impressive 124,000 views on Liquicitys’ YouTube page. At what point did you think ‘I’m gonna give this ago?’
A:  never had the vaguest idea it would do so well, I have to thank Liquicity and everyone for listening!


Q: What is the best album you own?
A: The best album I own has to be Logistics – “Spacejams”.


Q: Where can we get your music?
A: You can find my debut album on iTunes, beatport, junodownload, but I am also selling stuff on bandcamp.


Q: Annie Mac or Zane Lowe?
A: I have to say Annie Mac!!


Q: If you could work with 1 other dj and 1 other artist, who would they be?
A: I would be honored to work with High Contrast. Mixing up genres, the artist would be Owsey.


Q: What can we expect from Sizzlebird over the next year?
A: A lot more music! I have plenty of remixes and my own tracks in the works.


Q: Do you have a message you’d like to say to your fans?
A: I have to thank all the support I have had, especially this year. I love all of you!